Welcome to SUPERDRONES. An open-air theater project including autonomous flying objects, so called drones.

The future has arrived, it is here, in the middle of our daily lives. Drones are not only a reality in the theater of war but they slowly arrive in the centre of our daily lives, in the center of our cities. The SUPERDRONES liveshow puts philosophical and moral questions on the scene that arise with the creation of drones. The time travelling artist creates that strange sensation that a part of the future is already here. So now the question is how love feels in times of drones. From Greek mythology to 21st century philosophers, the creative minds behind SUPERDRONES introduce a intellectual and theatrical meta-level to the fascinations of hovering objects. One, two, three or four drones, in this show everything is possible. The fearless drone-tamer faces all the challenges that flying machines and human relationship may create. See the most extreme RC-stunt in the history of flying objects. Miss something else